What are Keywords?

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Defining Your Keywords is Critical for a Successful Search Engine Strategy.

Keywords are either a single word or a phrase.

blog-keywordsBeing optimized for a single word is much more difficult than for several words. Think of “doctors” compared to “eye doctors in Baltimore”. We refer to “keywords” to mean the word OR phrase.

  • Ask yourself: What do real people search for? This may not be the technical or industry term.
  • Using keywords consistently will increase your search engine optimization and help your target audiences find you.
  • The more frequently and consistently you use these keywords, the more you build an online presence around them.

Keywords are essential to your success!

Using optimized phrases greatly enhances the likelihood that potential customers, partners, and employers can find you.

These phrases are used repeatly during your Social Media strategy. They are the building blocks to target your audience in:

  • Searches
  • Blog posts
  • Your online profiles
  • Postings on Social Media sites
  • Your company website
  • Targeted paid keyword campaigns

Discover Your Optimal Keywords

  • Target keyword list relevant to your business for your social media profiles
  • Advanced keyword research
    • Estimated search volume by keyword on social media sites and search engines
    • Competitive keyword analysis for your top competitors

PS - I know it’s easy to get overwhelmed by reading blog posts full of ideas, tactics and tools. Be honest...

  • How frustrated will you be trying to implement this on your own?
  • How much time will you waste if it's not your next best step?
  • Did you just take the time to read this but you won't make any changes?
  • Or are you ready to take a small next step to build your brand?
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