10 Easy Steps to Setup Your Email List

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One of the best ways to reach your potential and current clients is by using email marketing, AKA your “email list”.

Email marketing is all the rage as a great way to keep in touch with clients & prospects. Let’s run through the typical steps involved in implementing an email marketing plan so you can decide whether or not your business has the time, money & energy to use this tactic.

Before you hire a virtual assistant or try and do your technical setup, get clear on your email marketing strategy and what technical setup is involved. It’s a common misconception to think that email marketing is as simple as putting up a signup box on your website, or adding everyone you know to your email list (don’t EVER do this!!!)

Decide if your business is ready to take these steps.

10 Easy Steps to Setup Your Email List [INFOGRAPHIC]

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NOTE: Steps 3, 7 and 8 are optional, but the rest really are essential. Once you are ready to do the rest of these steps AND send an eNewsletter at least 1/month, get some technical assistance with getting these steps setup.

So how do you get started?

email-marketingYour plan starts with understanding the steps in the process of getting your email list setup, as outlined above. You can outsource the setup & maintenance of your email list, but you can’t outsource this strategic process.

Once you do these 10 steps, you’ll also need a plan to continue to keep in touch with your list via regular email newsletters. This may be more work than you expected, and that’s normal. Many busy Entrepreneurs start to get this setup but then stop because they didn’t realize how much work is involved. Email marketing requires work, either from you or by paying someone else to do it.

Used effectively (with a strategic plan), you’ll get a great return on your investment of time, money & energy. Skipping your strategy guarantees that you’ll just be wasting your time, money & energy.

Read these steps, and make an educated decision on if you want to commit to this tactic right now. If the answer is NO… just move on to one that is a better fit. If the answer is YES, then map out your ideas for each of these steps.

Once you have a basic idea of the steps involved and your strategy, you can hire help for the rest. I don’t recommend trying to DIY it since the process and the technology involved can seem daunting. Unless your business is internet marketing, you’ll be wasting valuable time & energy trying to do the setup yourself.

Email marketing requires the use of a 3rd party system, such as Aweber or Constant Contact, to manage your list. It’s also against the CAN-SPAM Act to add people to your list without permission.

Work with an expert to guide you through this process to implement your strategy. That’s the key—you need to have a strategy TO implement.

Based on your email marketing strategy, you can:

  • Select an email marketing provider based on your goals
  • Write your welcome emails and eNewsletter content
  • Decide on your schedule for sending regular updates
  • Brand your email marketing with your visual identity

So there you have it… an overview of email marketing. Knowing an overview of the process will help you decide if this is right for your business. Good luck, and let me know if you need any help with the process.

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