Join & Participate in Facebook Groups to Build Quality Relationships

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Groups let you connect with like-minded people in public, private or secret forums.

FACEBOOK TIP: Join & participate in Groups to build quality relationships.A Group is a separate space inside Facebook that allows you to share information with a select group of people. Use them to connect with business contacts from a specific networking organization or a strategic alliance.

One of the easiest ways to start connecting with your best contacts is Groups. Facebook is a big place and it can be hard to stand out in the Feed unless you are posting very regularly. Groups are much easier (and more fun!) to use. It’s like shouting at everyone in a large room vs. sitting down with your friends at a table.

Get started by joining Groups.

You can JOIN Groups created by other people (EASIEST) or you can start your own Group (ADVANCED). I suggest you start by joining Groups to connect with the communities you define in your online brand strategy.

I belong to Facebook groups from other business coaches, local networking groups, special interests and more. Some of these are totally open (needing no approval), others need permission from the owner, and others are a perk as part of a paid product. You can also look to join these types of Groups by looking for Groups that your friends have also joined.

You will be interacting through your PERSONAL PROFILE.

The last few Byte Sized Tips have help you to make sure that your Personal Profile is up-to-date and you are sharing engaging photos. This is very important as you take this next step. As you interact, people will click on your Profile to learn more about you, and you’ll have a Profile that is reflecting who you are, both personally & professionally.

Get to know other Group members by sharing, commenting & liking on a regular basis.

This is a great opportunity to learn about your contacts. See what they are sharing and respond. Avoid a lot of self-promotion. If someone does ask for a recommendation for someone in your field, it’s OK to offer some insight and a link to your website or current promo, but this should only be a small portion of the conversation.

If are also having trouble remembering, then put a reminder on your calendar, like you would for an in-person networking event. Your contacts will be happy to hear from you! This might sound like a no-brainer, but I sometimes get busy and forget to do this. So just take today’s Byte Sized Tip as a reminder to check in.

Learn more about using Facebook Groups

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